Beauty Boxes and Where You Can Get Them in the Philippines?

I’ve been into K-Beauty a lot for the past few months. Almost all my funds go to skin care now instead of food so I’m always on a lookout on deals for skincare products. One of my favorite money saving method, besides buying things on sale, is getting beauty boxes. Although there’s a bit of element of surprise and it’s a nice way to discover hidden gems. Plus I really enjoy trying new products so beauty boxes are enjoyable for me.

If you’re not familiar with beauty boxes they’re basically a box of beauty items worth XXX amount of money which you can get for only X amount. So this entails a reasonable amount of savings on your end. Some beauty boxes have surprise content, I usually observe these in subscription boxes, while others already indicate the items included in the box. Of course knowing the products seem much better until the box is sold out because everybody wants the same products as you do.

I was introduced to beauty boxes by watching Youtubers from US where there are a lot of different beauty boxes available (mostly subscription based). Here in the Philippines it was tough to find a beauty box and they were mostly transaction-based (not sure if this is the official term for it but basically you buy the box every time it comes out, so you can choose which ones you get). I feel like they each have their pros and cons but personally I haven’t really experienced a subscription based box. I feel like the surprise factor and the security that you’ll have a box are good things about subscription boxes. For the transaction based, it’s good because you get to save money if you’re not interested with the content of a certain box.

I scowered the internet for websites where you can get your own beauty box.

1. Althea Korea

This is the first place where I got my beauty boxes. Their beauty box is called Althea Box which has a different theme per release. The theme varies from skincare, to makeup, to haircare, and some times a mix of both. The price ranges from between Php 1,000 – Php 2,000 and the total value of the products can be as high as Php 7000 (I’m basing these prices on my memory so they might not be super accurate). The products are shipped from Korea so they arrive around 2 weeks after purchasing them. The shipping is free in Althea Korea if your order is worth Php 999+ so getting the Althea Box almost always qualifies for free shipping.

Since Althea Korea carries K-Beauty products the items in the box are all Korean brands. They’re not subscription based so you have to be quick because the really great boxes get sold out really fast. So far they’ve released 40 boxes, the last one being release last January 2018.

2. Style Korean

The second place where I got my beauty box. So far they’ve only released 1 beauty box and it costs $15 so that’s less than Php 1000 but the to get the free shipping you need to purchase at least $50 worth of products. Unless you’re willing to pay for a $10+ for shipping for $15 box then it’s better to buy other items and reach $50.

Similar to Althea Korea, Style Korean carries K-Beauty products the items in the box are all Korean brands.

For the following website I still haven’t tried their beauty boxes

3. BDJBox / Bella Beauty

They don’t really have a FAQ page so I’m just going to state things based on my observations. Their boxes are on the expensive range (Php 1,999 and above) but there are more than 5 products included. Brands can be from high-end ones to local home-grown brands.

4. Glamour Box

According to their FAQ page their box includes 4 – 5 deluxe or full-sized samples from a wide range of brands popular, indie, niche and cult brands. Their boxes are normally Php 595 each but may increase depending on the value of the items included in the box.

5. Giltbox 

Giltbox is the only one of these sites offering a subscription based beauty box. You get 5 personalized beauty samples every month. They have 3 different plans (3-month Php600/box, 6-month Php550/box, 12-month Php500/box) where you pay one time according to your subscription plan. You’ll also get free shipping so no need to worry about that. They also seem to have a wide range of brands in their roster so aside from PH brands there are a lot of international brands as well.