Be a Foodie: Must Visit Cafes in Seoul

One of the things that I enjoyed during my trip to Seoul is trying out different cafes. I wasn’t always a coffee person and during my first visit in Seoul I wasn’t a coffee drinker yet which is such a shame because Seoul has A LOT of cafes. I couldn’t really appreciate the cafes that I went to that much because having just a dessert is a different experience from having dessert AND coffee. So during the months between my next travel to Korea I developed my palette to appreciate coffee and just generally ease coffee into my life.

During my second trip (and most probably on my future trips) to Korea I was able to go to more cafes and actually order their coffee drinks so I’ll be sharing the cafes and breakfast/dessert places you should definitely visit when you’re in Seoul!


AREA: Hapjeong (near Hongdae)

Putting this first on my list because this is also a bagel place and I love bagels. Ever since LES Bagels closed here in Manila I’ve been craving for flavored cream cheese, which FOURBASIC has a lot of so I made sure to try this place during my trip.

During my visit they had 8 different flavors of cream cheese including a plain one. I chose the Fig cream cheese along with a Volcano bagel.

The cream cheese was a bit on the sweet side which I kind of expected because I ordered a Fig flavored cream cheese but even the plain one which my friend ordered had a sweeter taste compared to a normal cream cheese (I’m not sure if the savory flavors like Tomato and Black Olive would have a similar base taste.) The bagel itself was a bit more soft/tender (in a good way) than what I’ve usually tried because I’m quite used to a tough bagel.

For my drink I ordered a Flat White 9oz ( this indicates the amount of milk in your flat white) with their Smoker coffee beans blend. It was my first time trying a Flat White. The light flavor is a good balance to the sweetness of my bagel with fig cream cheese.

Address: 426-18 Hapjeong-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul

2. oneinamillion

AREA: Hannam (near Itaewon)
COME HERE FOR THE: Coffee and Interior ❤

One of the prettiest, IG worthy cafe that I went to but it’s definitely more than just a pretty cafe the coffee itself was great.

I ordered Holiday which is from their signature drinks. It’s espresso shot with coconut milk. When I first tasted this drink I though “I never thought a coffee drink could taste this good” It had the right amount of sweetness and the blend of coconut flavor and coffee was really good.

Address: 684-62 Hannam-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul

3. C27

AREA: Garosugil
COME HERE FOR THE: Cheesecake, Coffee and Interior ❤

One of the most heavily decorated cafe that I went to, each sitting corner looked like a good place to take a picture. A bit overwhelming at first they have a wide selection of cheesecake flavors to choose from.

I ordered a Wild Strawberry Ricotta Cheesecake and an Iced Cheese Latte. The cheesecake was amazing and probably one of the best I’ve tried. I don’t usually like eating cheesecakes because the taste is quite heavy and nakakaumay but for the one I order the taste was light and I was able to finish it easily.

The Cheese Latte was good as well, again not too sweet and the cheese flavor was well-balanced.

Address: 545-12, Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

4. Daeo Bookstore

AREA: Seochon (near Gyeongbokgung Palace)

I’m not sure if this is counted as a cafe although they do serve drinks (but there’s only a few selection) This was once a second hand bookstore and now it’s more of a “gallery”/memorial for the previous owners.

The overall vibe of the place is very nostalgic. It’s a nice place to rest and have a talk with your travel companion/s (and also take a picture similar to RM)

The drink I got is an Iced Yuzu Citron Tea. It’s a perfect drink to cool down during summertime in Korea.

Address: 33 Nuhadong, Jongno-gu, Seoul

5. Wisteria

AREA: Hongdae

After shopping at Hongdae, my friend and I decided to rest at a cafe so we went to Wisteria. I was tempted to try their Milk Tea which is one of their signature drinks but ended up getting their Tiramisu Latte. They have a lots of drinks to choose from plus they have a good selection of food if you’re craving for something more than a dessert/snack.

Address: 405-18 Seogyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul

That’s it for now! I’ll update this every time I visit a place that I like so for now the list is a bit short 🙂 ) — Next update probably Sept 2018 😀