Be a Wanderer: Jeju Island Part 4 – Coastal Areas (Aewol & Hallim)

Our last day of exploration was spent in the coastal areas of Jeju, Aewol and Hallim.

Jeju National University Entrance

Duration: 30 minutes for a simple photo op

But before we went on the road, we stopped by one of the cherry blossom hotspots in Jeju which is at the entrance to Jeju National University. Since we stopped by on a weekday and not on the actual day of the festival the road was open and cars would regularly pass by.

The entire road is lined by cherry blossom trees that are already starting to blossom. It’s a nice sight, especially once they have reached their peaked.

Aewol Coastal Road

Duration: 30 minutes for a simple photo op

Our first stop is the Aewol Coastal Road. It’s one of the beauties of renting a car, being able to drive opposite such a view. We stopped by a viewing point and enjoyed the ocean view.

Canola Field

Duration: 30 minutes for a simple photo op

On our way to our next destination (which was a restaurant) we passed by this field of canola flowers coupled with some palm trees and decided to stop by and take some pictures. I saw this place on instagram but I wasn’t sure what the place was called or where it was in particular so it was fortunate that we passed by it. I can only recall that this area was near the exit to Gwakji Beach

Geumneung Beach

Duration: 30 minutes for a simple photo op

After lunch we stopped by this white sand beach which was close to our next destination. This beach is Geumneung Beach, visible on the horizon is Biyangdo Island. We saw a lot of people stop by and take pictures. Some stay and relax by the beach. It was too cold for swimming so no one was actually playing in the water. We were supposed to stop by a different beach (Hyeopjae Beach) but since this one was nearer to where we were we didn’t go to the other beach anymore.

Hallim Park

Duration: 2 hours or more if you’re going to explore all areas

Our next destination is Hallim Park. It’s one of the most popular tourist spots in Jeju. It’s a park consisting of multiple garden. Because of how big it is we actually missed going to some areas like the caves, folk village and the water garden. There were 2 special events in Hallim Park (1) Cherry Blossom Festival (2) Tulip Festival.  One of my most awaited areas was the cactus area  which we encountered at the Sub-Tropical garden. After that one of our main goals was to reach the Cherry Blossom area.

Before reaching the cherry blossoms we first saw the area for the tulips, there were some that have already bloomed but a great percentage are still growing.

Further along we saw the bonsais in the Bonsai Garden.

And at the Bird Garden we were stunned to see a peacock out and about. Just chilling on a tree branch. We had no idea how it got up there but it was fascinating to see it somehow “free”.

At probably the deepest part of the park just when we were about to give up looking for the cherry blossoms area we stumbled upon the Cherry Blossom Garden. It was a big area with a lot of cherry blossom trees and fit for the event they were playing some classic spring songs like Busker Busker’s Cherry Blossom Ending. It would probably be nice to have a mat of some sort and just be able to sit under the cherry blossom.