Be a Wanderer: Jeju Island Part 3 – Seogwipo

Seogwipo is one of the major cities in Jeju Island. Honestly there’s so many places to go here and it was hard to fit it all in one day.

Osulloc Tea Museum

Duration: 30 min not including time we spent eating at Innisfree Jeju House

First stop of the day is the Osulloc Tea Museum. I’m not sure if I did things wrong but there doesn’t seem to be much to do here. I was kind of expecting something like the process of how they make tea from the leaves or something but it’s just a few displays related to tea, the shop, and the view deck on the upper floors. Across the road there are fields of green tea where you can take pictures. But that’s pretty much it.

There’s no entrance fee though but you don’t have to go out of your way to visit.

Tip: Innisfree Jeju House is beside Osulloc Tea Museum. It’s a good place to have brunch or shop for skincare.

Camellia Hill

Duration: 1hr 30min explored the whole place. Lot’s of photo ops. Occasionally rests.

Even though we missed camellia season I still enjoyed this place very much. It’s a botanical garden with a lot of picturesque areas. They also have greenhouses where you can see some of the off season flowers like camellias, and hydrangeas (there are other flowers but I don’t remember their names)

This is one of my favorite places that we visited. I really appreciate how they curated the place from the plants even down to the resting area it’s all so pretty. If you like taking pictures you’ll enjoy this place! The entrance fee is 4000 KRW which I found to be totally worth it.

I also don’t normally buy from gift shops because they’re overpriced but I found myself buying a pair of red camellia earrings.

If you want to go during camellia season it’s from Nov – Jan. While for hydrangeas, it’s is July.

Daepo Jusangjeolli Cliff

Duration: 30 min if you’re just seeing the cliff

A popular landmark in Jeju. These stone pillars shaped like hexagons were formed when the lava from Hallasan erupted into the sea. A truly breathtaking view. It’s amazing to see sites like this and Seongsan Ilchulbong that just gets produced naturally overtime or through certain events happening.

There’s an entrance fee of 2000 krw to this area. Parking is available and will also have a fee.

That’s it for Day 2. We didn’t get to explore the city center of Seogwipo. Plus we missed going to Sanbangsan, Yeongmeori Beach, and Lee Jung Seop Art Street and those are just the places I included in the itinerary.