Be a Cinephile: Girlboss (Netflix TV Series)

I’ve run out of things to watch fortunately Girlboss came out last April 21 on Netflix. I was able to binge watch it in a couple of hours granted that I often used the fast forward button. Anyway it’s not because I got bored or anything I just couldn’t wait to know what happened next….

Be a Cinephile: Train to Busan

Wow! I’m not sure where to start. I loved the movie. I can’t stress how overused the whole zombie apocalypse storyline is in the last few years of cinema history. But this zombie apocalypse rendition of Korea is a fresh take on the genreΒ in the movie scene.

Be a Cinephile: Zootopia

Zootopia is one of the animal centric animated films set for release this year. It’s set in a fictional world wherein animals have evolved and formed a civilization. The movie follows Judy Hopps a bunny aspiring to be a cop. She was the first of her kind to do so. She graduated top of her…

Be a Cinephile: The Little Prince (2015)

The Little Prince has always been a favorite book of mine. I believe a few years back they made a live action movie adaptation of it. I remember the movie having song in it and characters like the snake and the fox were grown men in costume much like the classic Wizard of Oz film…