Be a Wanderer: Cambodia 2015 Part 5 – Siem Reap

This was a much needed chill day from our jam packed schedule. We scheduled some activities for the day to experience Siem Reap in a different manner. We booked an oil painting session through Backstreet Academy. We went to Angkor Handicraft Association where our class will be held via tuktuk.It was our first time riding…

Be a Wanderer: Cambodia 2015 Part 3 – Sunset Quad Bike Tour

It’s a good thing Smarty’s a great driver! He got us back at our place at around 5PM. Just in time for our service from Cambodia Quad Bike to pick us up from Purple Mangosteen. We rushed to the venue since we were chasing the sun. Before letting us loose with the quad bike, they…

Be a Wanderer: Cambodia 2015 Part 2 – Phnom Kulen

Our first day at Cambodia! It was a bright, sunny day. Smarty picked us up from Purple Mangosteen and we drove off to Phnom Kulen park. Along the way we bought a waffle like bread along the street for our breakfast. It was a 2 hour drive and it became a bit bumpy as we got…

Be a Wanderer: Cambodia 2015 Part 1 – Pub Street

We left for Cambodia at around 7 in the evening. It was almost a 3 hour flight to Cambodia. Since Philippines is 1 hour ahead, we arrived at around 9 in the evening at Siem Reap. We were picked up by Smarty at the airport since he wanted to meet us during our arrival at Siem Reap….

Be a Wanderer: Planning My Trip to Cambodia

Travelling and seeing the world has always been a dream of mine so I was really blessed to finally have the opportunity to wander off without parental supervision. A few of my friends and I decided to go to Cambodia a year ago (2014) and we planned this trip for about a year. So why Cambodia of all places? Mainly due to the majestic Angkor temples that have been growing famous for the past few years. And then there’s the budget friendliness of the place. The accommodation is cheap. The food is cheap. The transportation is cheap. The fees are cheap. It was very apt for a fresh graduate who’s just starting out in the professional world.